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81324The Confident Hypnotist - How To Make Your Hypnosis Work The Confident Hypnotist - Essential Hypnosis Training [ confidence hypnotist hypnosis confident ]
Earn 75% per sale as you refer people to the hypnosis training course the market has literally been begging for! Massive conversion, and customers love it.
How To Make Your Hypnosis Work /
85496Hechizos de Amor - Los Amarres y Conjuros más poderosos Mis Hechizos De Amor [ de que la el ]
Grandes Ventas Y Excelente Conversión. Nicho Muy Fuerte De Mercado Español. 3 Upsell. Gran Comisión Del 70%. Hechizos De Magia Blanca Y Conjuros Para El Amor. Ayuda A Afiliados. Venta De Productos Relacionados.
Mis Hechizos de Amor. Los mejores conjuros de Magia Blanca para el amor. Descubre como realizar tu hechizo fácil y casero para recuperar a tu pareja o enamorarla para siempre.
86297Learn Stage Hypnosis | The Art of Stage Hypnosis The Art Of Stage Hypnosis, How To Hypnotize People [ stage hypnosis people hypnotize ]
High Quality Ebook Shows How To Become A Professional Stage Hypnotist. 50% Commission! Massive Market Demand. Sold Originally Through 1shoppingcart With Huge Conversions, Now On CB.
Learn stage hypnosis with leading stage hypnotist Jason Gold. The Art of Stage Hypnosis, how to hypnotize people in less than 7 minutes. Become a stage hypnotist. /
89492Las Cartas del Tarot Aprender Tarot y Crear Negocio [ de la que las ]
El primer producto de Tarot que incluye una plantilla web para montar un consultorio online en 5 minutos. El cliente aprende con el ebook y el software de tiradas automaticas en su propio PC y puede crear su negocio en internet de tarotista. Todo en uno.
Aprende a echar las cartas del Tarot con este ebook y monta tu propio consultorio en internet con la plantilla que incluye. Gratis la receta de la pociÃn de amor. /
89929Real Astral Travel Real Astral Travel in 7 Days [ astral travel ebook information ]
50% Commission. Achieve Real Astral Travel in 7 days. Covers all aspects including preparation, meditation, vibration, security and real astral travel.
91633Antigua Brujeria Antigua Brujeria - Como Ser Hechicero [ de que la tu ]
Excelentes Ventas Y Conversión. Devolución Menor Al 3%. 3 Upsell. La Guía Más Completa De CB Para Ser Aprendiz De Hechicero. El Mejor Producto Para Afiliados Serios. Producto Gran Penetración En Mercado Hispano.
Antigua Brujeria. Conoce los 87 Hechizos Más Explosivos Para Volver Realidad Tus Sueños Más Salvajes. Explota Estos Auténticos Hechizos Para Tus Propios Deseos Personales Sin Tener Que Ser Un Poderoso Adepto De La Brujería
91899JB College of Accredited Learning - Reiki for horses handbook Reiki For Horses [ healing horses horse reiki ]
Reiki For Horses Practitioner Handbook For Healers That Wish To Work With Horses. Jan Barley Is An Established Horse Healer Who Teaches To Accredited Practitioner Level. This 98 Page Handbook Will Help To Get You Started As A Professional Horse Healer
93785Tracks CB | Omsica | Meditacion que Funciona Omsica - Meditacion Asegurada [ de un todos responsabilidadpolítica ]
Excelentes Ventas y Ganancias por Clic. Reintegros menores al 1%. Nuestros Afiliados Top Ganan Miles de D
Tracks CB « Omsica | Meditacion que Funciona /
96480Your Beautiful Mind Free Lifetime Coaching + 5 Energy Raising + Ebook [ mind subconscious mp3 life ]
Priced At $59.95 With A 60% Commission. The Money, Peace,success Or Any Desire Will Flow Into Your Life In Direct Proportion To The Energy Level Or Consciousness You Are Willing To Maintain,instant Downloads And More
83796 Akasha Entertainment Films - MorningStar Feature & Sacred Space Documentaries The 2012 Companion: A Creative Guide to Personal and Planetary Change [ isabella stone sacred black ]
The 2012 Companion is the definitive guide filled with groundbreaking techniques to jump-start your spiritual ascension and cope with the 2012 shift. Hidden spiritual realms are revealed in 3 eBooks and 4 audiobooks by noted 2012 expert Carolyn Cobelo.
99100The Lucifer Complex - "Psychic" Methods To Influence And Captivate Women The Lucifer Complex - Psychic Warfare Methods [ psychic seduction people methods ]
33-year-old Maverick Seduction Expert Strips Himself Bare And Invites You To Share His "psychic" Discoveries... Not Impossible... Not Illegal... But They Might Scare The Hell Out Of You!
100446Potenti Incantesimi d´ Amore Incantesimi D Amore - Successo Nelle Vendite
Versione Italiana Del Successo Nelle Vendite. Grandi Vendite E Conversioni Eccellente. Nicchia Di Mercato Molto Forte. Commissione 70%! Magia Bianca, Incantesimi Per Amore. Aiutare I Membri A:
Potenti Incantesimi d Amore. Realizza Oggi Un Incantesimo dAmore e Comincia a Vedere il Risultato Domani. Gli Congiuri Segreti Che I Maghi Non Vogliono Che Tu Conosca. In Questo Posto Troverai La Verità, Quello Che Nessuno Ti Ha Detto Mai Su Come Veramente Funziona La Magia Bianca Per
100589Simple Sunday School Lessons Simple Sunday School Lessons - Zero Competition For Affiliates!
168 Unique Sunday School Lessons! Zero Competition For Affiliates! 75% Commission!
Sunday School Lessons and Resources For Any Sized Christian Ministry That Teaches To Our Youth! We Make High Quality Resources Available To All Youth Leaders! /
124209Developing Psychic Powers: How to develop psychic ability, live psychic ability, clairvoyant ability, telekinesis, psychokinesis and telepathy without telling or the need for a fortune teller - Developing Psychic Powers [ psychic chapter powers deve
A proven and acclaimed series of books, as witnessed by numerous testimonials, for Developing a Wide Range of Psychic and other Powers in the minimum possible time. Now Available for a short time at a massive discount and 60% commission to affiliates.
124211PsychicPowersMadeEasy.com - The Unleash Your Inner Psychic Course - Unleash Your Inner Psychic! [ psychic course inner guide ]
Sells By Itself!!! Ultimate Psychic Success Course Incl. Manuals & Audios. Custom. Affiliate Tools Are Avail. At Your Personal Affil. Suport Center psychicpowersmadeeasy/affiliatecenter -Commission Just Increased To 60% = $51.92 !!!
124212Witchcraft Secret Manual - Love and Money Spells Witchcraft Secret Manual. 75% - Great Sales! [ spells spell manual love ]
Spells, White Magic for Love and Money. Help with banners and keywords. Target: Spells, Love, Astrology, Horoscope, Esoteric, Tarot, Beauty, Law Of Attraction, Luck, Fortune, seduction. English version of (Great Sales!
Witchcraft Secret Manual. Love and Money Spells. White and black magic.
124218Developing Psychic Ability - UnLeash Your Psychic Ability. [ psychic ability life book ]
Written By A Psychic Medium, This E-book Will Teach You How To Develop And Use Your Under-developed Psychic Ability, Your Sixth Sense.
124220Raw Free MM | Raw Hypnosis | Conversational Hypnosis Blog Raw Hypnosis Now With 75% Recurring Commissions! High Conversions. [ terms support rights reserved ]
Affiliates Earn Recurring 75% Commissions! High Quality Hypnosis Audio Course As Part Of Ongoing Monthly Hypnosis Membership.
Raw Free MM /
124224Underground Witchcraft Secrets - Underground Witchcraft Secrets [ spells witches witchcraft secrets ]
Excellent sales conversions on leading Witchcraft audio/visual & pdf Course, refund rate less than 5%. Teaches about witchcraft, wicca & spells. Marketplace yet to reflect true sales figures - huge opportunity for serious affiliate marketers!
124234Power Numerology - Power Numerology. [ numerology course life time ]
Are Numbers Ruling Your Life? Discover The Shocking Truth.
124239Astrobook The Book of Your Life [ life horoscope book analysis ]
Ten Different astrological analysis in one Book!Each individually created based on your original personal details. About 100 Pages of exiting reading! This will be the most wonderful astrology reading you will ever read about yourself.Get your copy today
Story of your life told by 10 personal astrological analysis.Each E-Book custom made based on your unique birth details.100 pages of exciting reading! /
124241How To Read Tarot Cards Guide - Reading Tarot Cards Revealed Reading Tarot Cards Revealed [ tarot cards reading revealed ]
Huge Untapped Niche. Endless Amounts Of Cheap PPC Traffic Both On Search And Content Network. 75% Payout And Great Conversions. Free Affiliate Tools At:
124243Happyquit Quit-smoking Program [ quit life happyquit smoking ]
The Happyquit Audio, Video And Ebook Program Changes A Mind So They No Longer Want To Smoke! High Conversions From Professional Pitch Page, Low Returns From Great Product. For Affiliate Tools
124247Dream Secrets Revealed: Dream Interpretation Guide Book - Dream Secrets Revealed. [ dreams dream trying revealed ]
Dream Secrets Revealed. Dream Interpretation, Dream Symbols, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares.
124253KJV Bible Online– Find KJV Bible Download online at TheBibleOnline.com - Instant King James Bible Download [ visitor soon site please ]
Downloadable version of the King James Bible. Includes both the Old and New Testament. 50% commission on $19.99 Zero refunds reported as of Aug 2009 - people know exactly what they are getting when purchasing the Bible.
124268Awareness eBooks from AHONU & Aingeal Rose about 2012, Earth Changes, Holistic Health and Spiritual Mastery! - Earth Changes, Spiritual Mastery, 2012 & Beyond Ebooks [ instant download treatments etc ]
Ebooks On Twin Flames & Soul Mates, Indigo Children, Hands-on And Energy Healing, Reiki, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Tarot, Manifesting, Law Of Attraction Etc. Over 35 Years Experience. 30 years experience and a fast-growing International following delivers E-books from AHONU & Aingeal Rose to assist in Earth Changes, Spiritual Awareness and Holistic Health. /
124270Psychedelic Meditation - How To Get An Awesome Cosmic High Without Drugs - Psychedelic Meditation [ meditation psychedelic drugs cosmic ]
eBook explains in a clear step by step way how to achieve an amazing cosmic high by meditation. No need to pay for drugs again. Includes A Foundation Course To Prepare Your For Your Cosmic Trip, Meditation Basics For Those New To the Art Psychedelic Meditation Ebook with step by steps instructions on how to have intense psychedelic highs and trips by meditation /
124277Increase Your Church Fundraising Today! Church Fundraising Guide, Church Fundraising Idea, Church Events - Increase Your Church Fundraising Today! [ church fundraising guide money ]
Learn Successful Church Fundraising Techniques That You Can Utilize Confidently, Consistently, And Continuously To Raise Money For Your Church. Church Fundraising Ideas
124280The Demon Dictionary - The Demon Dictionary. [ paranormal ufo sites parodies ]
Identifies Satan`s Primary Demons By Name And Discusses Their Influences Upon Mankind. This book is an attempt to identify these primary demons and briefly describe their influences upon mankind. I have provided the name, rank, seal, and a description of the demon and the powers each can demonstrate or control.
124330Unleash The Full Power Of Your Zodiac Coach Zodiac [ life sign zodiac terms ]
Created By World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, Coach Zodiac Is Designed To Help You Discover The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Sign.
126500Alchemy Meditations - Pineal Gland Activation Course | Fully Activate Your Third Eye/Pineal Gland In 14 Days Or Less Pineal Gland Activation Course [ shaktipatseer course step pineal ]
World Renowned Expert On The Pineal Gland, Shaktipat Seer Has Helped 1000s Around The Globe Activate Their Pineal Gland Safely. This Is His Special 14 Day Course For Activating Your Pineal Gland In Both Audio And Video Format.
126915Master Self-Hypnosis in 7 days! Master Self Hypnosis In 7 Days
This 76 Page Ebook-course Is Designed To Give You Everything You Need To Recreate Your Life Experience With Self-hypnosis. Quickly And Easily Change Your Bad Habits, Or Create Good Habits Using Self-hypnosis.
127857Hell, Demons and Satan really exist | Experiences of hell | Hell is real Hell Really Exists [ hell satan heaven god ]
Hot and Shocking Christian offer. Earn 75% commissions. Promote this now and make insane money with huge, cheap traffic! Sale page without exit-pop! Get your tools at
Hell really exists, satan and demons are real! Discover testimonies and experiences of hell. Hell is real! Bible verses about hell and escape solutions. Never suffer more, God doesn't want you go to hell. You can be FREE forever.
129032Diceology Diceology [ reading diceology step life ]
Take Astrology, Tarot Cards, Numerology and Cartouche to a whole new level. Brand new form or divination pays 70% commission. This is going to be Hot!
129157How To Meditate Daily Learn How To Meditate Daily [ ]
9 expert meditators answer questions all beginners to meditation want to know. Includes bonus "How To Meditate Daily" Workbook, 7 Keys to Learning How To Meditate, 9 Mini Meditations and transcipts of the audio interviews.
How To Meditate Daily /
131730The Truth Behind UFOs The Truth Behind Ufos [ ufos truth click earth ]
The Truth Behind Ufos Is Jam-packed With Tales Of Conspiracy And Cover-up, With Radical Theories Of The 'hows' And 'whys', And With Insights Into What Might Really Be Going On. A Lot Of Information About Alien Contact And Paranormal Ufo Phenomena!
131732Wildwood Forest Digital VBS Media Digital Vacation Bible School Curriculum [ god guide day bible ]
Vbs Curriculum From David C Cook. Affordable For Any Church Size & Budget. Includes God-centered Stories, Dramas, Songs, Games, Crafts & More. Training For Easy Implementation. Materials Are Fully Downloadable. Promote And You Get 40 Percent Commission!
Reach the hearts of children using this affordable, easily customized K-5 VBS program. Not only is it simple to use, the digital kit can be scaled to meet the needs of your ministry no matter what size. Get started today.
131738The Wealth Switch The Wealth Switch: Earn 75% On This Irresistible Wealth Booster!
Low Priced Front End Offer + Continuity + Multiple Immediate Upsells = High Epc's For You And Great Feedback From Your Tribe. Treat Your List To This Affordable And Psychologically Captivating Offer That Makes People Start Thinking And Acting Like Wealthi
133819How To Make An Aries Man Fall In Love With You
135380A Compelling E-book Concerning A Well-known Religious Cult
135517Enciclopedia De Poder :: 70% En Comisiones
136251How To Create And Use Sexual Tulpas
136926Wealth Secrets From The Cosmos
New High Converting Offer From Experienced CB Marketer! Leverages Top Names In Pd, Self-help, Law Of Attraction And More. Multiple Upsells And 50% Commissions On Everything. Get Started Here:
137827Tapping Through The Chakras Using Eft
Using Eft Emotional Freedom Technique To Tap On The Different Chakras To Help To Balance Them Can Be Effective If Done On A Regular Basis. Each Of The 7 Chakras Are Studied In Detail To Help A Person To Become More Balanced And Empowered.
138555Atrae Dinero, Abundancia Y Prosperidad: Cambia Tu Vida En Solo 21 Dias
Programa Intensivo Muy Poderoso Para Atraer Dinero, Abundancia Y Prosperidad De Forma Fácil Y Sencilla Con Audios Subliminales. 100% Efectivo. Testimonios Reales Nos Avalan. Subliminal Online, Empresa Líder En Productos De Reprogramación Mental.
138935Libro De Hechizos Y Rituales Poderosos - 75% - Alta Conversion
El Ebook De Hechizos Más Completo Del Mercado Español (900 Paginas). Nicho Con Altas Conversiones. Hechizos De Amor, Dinero, Magia, Vudu, Amarres. Moderna Carta De Ventas De Alta Calidad Responsive. 75 % De Comisión. Nuevo 2016-17
139224Numerology Matters - Cash In From Our Incredible Reports!
A New Breed Of Numerology! Building On Previous Smaller Ventures We Have Created The Most Detailed Numerology Reports. Join Our Affiliate Program And Reap The Benefits! Also Check Out Our Affiliate Tools Page For An Easy Way To Create Your Hoplink.
139826La Guia Magica - Conjuros Poderosos Y Magia Blanca
Un Producto De Alta Conversión Y Sin Reembolsos. Una Guia Mágica Que Contiene Más De 300 Hechizos Para Todo El Nicho De Hechicería Y Magia Blanca. 75% De Comisión Y Un Precio Competitivo Que Hace De Este Producto El Mejor En Su Nicho
140227Manual Secreto De Hechiceria - Url Adaptable A Cualquier Dispositivo
Hacer Hechizos Nunca Fue Tan Fácil Con Nuestro Manual Secreto De Hechicería, Tus Clientes Te Agradecerán Por Mostrarles Nuestro Libro Mientras Tu Ganas Dinero, 1 Up Sell Y Carta De Ventas Con Video. Nuevo 2017
140331Chakra Tree Of Life Necklace
If You Would Like To Get Your Free Chakra Tree Of Life Necklace (just Pay S & H) Made Of Crystals From All 7 Colors Of Chakra And Can Assist You In Remembering To Stay Centered And Focused.
140368Angel Feather Oracle Certification Course
Angel Card Reading & Colour Therapy. Learn How To Strengthen Your Angelic Connection And Your Natural Intuitive Abilities So That You Can Give Insightful Angel Readings For Yourself, Friends, Family And Clients. Course Recognised By The Iict.
140384Free Attraction Necklace - Massive 60% Commission
Give Away A High-quality Physical Product (free Plus Shipping), And Earn A Lot In The Process With A Highly Profitable Upsell Flow. Extremely Low Refunds. Good For Law Of Attraction, Personal Development And Alternative Beliefs Niches
140483Free+shipping (50-75%)! High Conv For Women
For Law Of Attraction/affirmation/motivation Believers. Altbeliefs/weightloss/wealth/perdev Niches.
14135350% Off Wood Watches Offer- Physical Watches Made Of Wood
New Offer For Anyone Into Mental Clean, Stress Reduction, Reiki, Yoga, Energy Healing Or Spirituality In General. You Can Make Money Instantly. Amazing Commission!
141408Instamanifest 3.0 | Sound Mind Upgrade
Harvard Medical Has Recently Found That Open-label Placebos Can Help People Manifest What They Want Even When They Know It's Not A Real Treatment. Take Advantage Of This Hot Blend Of Belief And Science. 75% Front End And 3x Back End Earn Up To $195
Necklace Beyond Apprehend!
84266Magic Spells For Love, Money, Power And More Magic Spells Ecommerce Store [ spell spells magic love ]
Custom Shopping Basket, Dozens Of Products, Repeat Customers - This Is A Huge And Under-exploited Niche, With People Willing To Spend Serious Money. Great Cross Sell For Wicca, Witchcraft, Magic, Spells And New Age Spiritualism And The Occult.
Magic spells for love, money, healing, protection and everything else you can think of. Written by a powerful lifelong Witch, these real magic spells are exactly what looking for. /
140268Free Meditation Bracelet Offer
Give Away A Real Physical Product To Your Audience! Fragrant Sandalwood Meditation Mala With Bonuses. 60% Commission On Sales Page And All Upsells And Down Sells - Sign Up To Our Affiliate Program :
140574Free Spiritual Awakening Healing Necklace
Give Away This Mesmerizing, Beautiful Mandala Necklace & Watch Them Convert Like Gold. This Is A High Quality Handmade Necklace W/ A Full Upsell/downsell. Easy Sell On A Variety Of Audiences Esp Females. Affiliates:
141006New Free+shipping Funnel! Manifest Abundance Pendant
Hot Offer For Anyone Into Manifestation, Law Of Attraction, Crystals, Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality In General! Full Sales Funnel With 3 Upsells.
141340Guardian Angel Bracelet Offer With Free S&h
High Converting Offer For Anyone Into Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality In General. Commissions Earned On Entire Sales Funnel. No Opt-in Required By Buyer.
131875Magic Hands Zodiac Love Code
Astrology Based Relationship Advice
139524Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets
Turn Clicks To Cash With Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets! Hot New Offer In The Loa/manifestation Space. 75% Front-end, 50% Upsell Commissions.
140262Free Chakra Healing Pendant
Give Away This Beautifully Adorned Chakra Healing Pendant And Make Killer Money Doing So. This Is A High Quality Piece Of Jewellery, With A Full Upsell/downsell Funnel. Will Convert On A Variety Of Audiences. Esp Female Affiliates
140357Free Manifestation Bracelet - Massive 60% Commission
Give Away A High Quality Physical Product, And Earn A Lot In The Process! Extremely Low Refunds, Plus Highly Profitable Upsell Flow
140532The Trajectory Manifestation - (brand New) Crushing It On Most List
Brand New Irresistible Offer With Insane Conversions. 75% Commissions On The Front End And 50% On Upsells And Monthly Recurring Inclusive (high Take Up Rates!). Let Us Do The Selling, You Collect The Commissions! Give It A Test Mail And See The Results!
140864Free Spiritual Connection Pendant Offer
Hot Offer For Anyone Into Spirituality, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Reiki In General. Full Sales Funnel And Commissions Throughout.
140568Free Reiki Energy Bracelet Offer
Hot Offer For Anyone Into Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality In General. Full Sales Funnel.
124189Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis - Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis [ hypnosistocontrol img check2 hypnosis ]
The Most Powerful Conversational Hypnosis Course In The World, Which Contains 18+ Hours Of Top Quality Hypnosis Secrets, Membership To The Vip Hypnosis Club, And A Special Bonus Collection Of Steve G. Jones Private Doctorate Level Hypnosis Recordings. Learn how to influence others using the art of conversational hypnosis.
127212Get Paid To Follow Your True Calling [ calendar people code secret ]
Very Solid Conversions On This Never Before Seen Offer. Does Well In A Variety Of Niches (personal Development, Biz-opp, Etc). Initial Offer Followed By 3 Upsells ($47,$97,$47). Also Has Offer On Exit Pop That Leads Through Same Funnel.
87450Magia Vudu Fuerte Hechizos Vudu. Gana Dinero Facilmente [ de que para vudú ]
"magia Vudu Fuerte": Gran Comision 70% Y Alta Conversion. Primer Manual De Hechiceria Vudu. Unico En El Mercado, 3 Upsell! Gran Nicho. Productos Relacionados = Mas Ganancias, Ayuda Para El Afiliado.
Magia Vudu Fuerte, Realice Hechizos Vudú y Cambie su Vida. Todos los Secretos de la Magia Vudú y cómo utilizar las Energías Ocultas para Lanzar Hechizos Ancestrales Efectivos Que Cambiarán Su Vida.
140283Body Boost Crystals - Healing Power Of Chakras
This Is A Super High Quality Funnel Which Focuses On Helping People Unblock Their Spiritual Chakras And Begin Living A Magical Life. 60% Front And Back End Commissions. Highly Converts In Spirituality And Alternative Beliefs Niche!
140834Manifestación De 15 Minutos
Conversiones Insanas Con Un 75% De Comisiones En Front End Plus 3x Upsells. Irresistible Hook. Vaya Aquí Para Swipes, Enlaces De Afiliados
125913How to Start Ghost Hunting Ghost Hunting Book [ ghost hunting book information ]
seen them on Tv -- Now enter their world. Learn everything you need to know to start conducting successful ghost hunts and paranormal investigations.
82407Get the Ultimate Magick Power...the Ability to Define Your Own Destiny! - Unique Best Selling Product! 3% Conversion Rate! [ magick power life able ]
Unique Course Shows People How To Get What They Want In Life Without Studying Any Occult System For Years, Nor Perform Any Ritual & Worship Any Entity! Very High 3% Conversion Rate & 75% Per Sale! Get Affiliate Tools Here:
124274Astrologicial relationship Astrology Profile - Astrology Date-Place-Time "Real" Unique Horoscopes 15+Pages [ astrology reports personal report ]
Astrology: Unique Professionally Written 15+ page Personal Horoscope Reports Be Amazed Unbelievably accurate: Choice of 3*Personality profiles*Predictions for1yr (outer planets)/1mnth-(+inner planets)*Relationships (2 birth charts) All At An Amazing $5 Find your astrologicial relationship astrolgy personal profiles. Discover your unique astrology. See the future with state of the art astrologicial relastionship astrology profiles All types of astrology profiles by email at unbeatable prices now available to you from Astromap.co.uk + FREE GIFTS
137946How To Get Psychic & Magick Powers! This Book Sells Itself!
Offers An Informative Ebook That Can Teach Your Visitors How To Enhance Their Psychic And Magick Skill! An Easy Money Maker For Websites About Magick, Psychic Abilities, Tarot Cards, Witchcraft, Wicca, Hypnosis, Meditation, Self Help, Astrology & Occult!
140988Quantum Manifestation Code - April 2018 New Law Of Attraction Offer!
75% Commissions On Front End And 3 X Up-sells! High Quality Product With Unique Hook And Vsl Based On Research Findings From University Of Texas, Austin. Money Loves Speed. Start Promoting Now!
141450Guardian Angel Personalized System. High Conversions And Commissions!
Exciting "who Are My Guardian Angels" System! Buyers Receive Custom Reports, You Receive Commissions Through The Full Sales Funnel. System By CB Platinum Vendor, Copy By Proven CB Copywriter!
1414932018 New Manifestation Magic Mega Hit Generates $1.25 Epcs!
Highly Optimized Funnel Pays You Up To $256.00+ Per Sale With 11 Built-in Commission Opportunities! 75% Commissions On Front End, Upsells, And Downsells. New Viral Video Tools For Affiliates For Social Media! New "push Play" Mobile App Boosts Conversions!
13927615 Minute Manifestation - Blockbuster Personal Development Hit 2017
Insane Conversions With 75% Commissions On Front End Plus 3x Upsells. Irresistible Hook. Go Here For Swipes, Affiliate Links:
135596Total Money Magnetism - New Huge Converter
126397Astro-Book - Astrologie - Das Buch Deines Lebens [ und sie die der ]
10 Astrologische Analyse In Einem Buch Individuell Erstellt! Astrologische Persönlichkeit Analysiert, Namensanalyse, Chinesisches-, Karma-und Indisches Horoskop, Gesundheit, Flirt Und Erotik Horoskop In Mehr Als 100 Seiten! Schnelle Lieferung.
Das Buch Ihres Lebens - Dieses Buch ist das Abenteuer der Entdeckung Ihres wahren Ichs. 10 Persönlichkeits-Analysen werden Ihnen helfen, Ihre wahren Fähigkeiten und Stärken zu erkennen.
140410Personalized Cosmic Compatibility Profile - 75% Commissions
Perfect For Spiritual, Pd, Dating And Others. Help People Discover The Secrets Of Their Relationship.
81959The Psychic Detective - Seven Day Psychic Development Course - By Jeffry R. Palmer The 7 Day Psychic Development Course [ psychic development readings people ]
Discover how to increase your intuition within 7 days, safe, simple and fun plus designed to dramatically increase your intuitive psychic abilites in just a few short days. Written by a Real psychic with a lifetime of experience in the industry.
124185Covert Hypnosis - Exposed Power Of Conversational Hypnosis + Future Commissions & 20+ Products [ training privacy policy learn ]
The #1 Hypnosis Site For 3 Reasons-(1) Up To CB Maximum $150 Commissions + $25.85 Monthly (2) Killer Converting Sales Letter (3) 20+ Other Products On The Same Account That You Get Credit For -
1398197 Minute Mindfulness
Earn 75% Front End Plus 50% Backend Commissions Plus Recurring Billing To Boost Your Long Term Epcs! Fast, Easy Mindfulness And Meditation. Unique Vsl And Free Giveaway Option. For Affiliate Resources, Visit
140674Meditation Mastery Secrets - Huge Epcs Passive Income
Personal Development/meditation/transformational Offer. Based On Real Story & Real Results. Make 75% On The Front End & 50% On 3 Upsells, Including Recurring. Passive Income. Jvs:
140239Manifestation Masterkey
New Ancient Knowledge On Money, Health, Success And Love. Perfect Vsl - 75% Comm + 100usd Bonus
140411Free Chakra Diffuser Bracelet
Give Away A Super Popular Handcrafted Bracelet And Earn Mega Money. This Is A Quality Physical Product With An Upsell/downsell Funnel.
86134Dark Side Hypnosis - Home Dark Side Hypnosis Course [ hypnosis free email system ]
This Course Is Brand New And Averaging A 6.14% Conversion Rate. CB Screenshots From Affiliates With Proof:
13359750% Commission On Confidence Hypnosis MP3
140213Reality Bending - Top Converting Self-help Offer For Aug '17...!
Do A Test Mail And Watch The Commissions Pour In. Pays 75% Throughout Funnel And Earn Up To $156 Per Sale. Affiliate Details At
124190Underground Hypnosis Course [ hypnosis underground people course ]
Make Tons Of Money Here. Huge Untapped Market! CB Screenshots From Affiliates With Proof: Current Edition price is $77.
141451Myersbriggs-guardian Angel Personality Test
We Reinvented The Myers-briggs Personality Test Into A "guardian Angel" Personality Test. And People Love It. Converts 2-3x Better On Social/cold Traffic Than The "old, Boring Personality Tests!" No Hardsells. We Focus On Good User Experience!
140743The Celestial Inspiration Guidebook
This Book Is A Direct Call Of Reminder To You To Listen To The Signs Of Your Guardian Angel And Access Your Higher Self. This Book Will Take You On A Spiritual Journey That Will Positively Alter Your Understanding Of Yourself And Life.
97234Your Personal Astrology Report [ ujjval public php html ]
3.6% Conversion Site Paying 50% Commission,including Upsells. This Is A New Site Selling High Quality Individualised Astrological Reports. Presents A Great Opportunity For New Age, Self Help,psychic,tarot And Much More
84459New Magick Presentation: Shocking Experiment Proves Magick Really Exists Simple Spell Casting E-kit & Upsell - Pays 75% - Video Doubles Sales! [ magick watch video uncovers ]
The Simple Spell Casting E-kit Is A Downloadable Spell Casting Course For The "new Age" Market. New Sales Video Doubles Conversions Of World Class Sales Pitch! Super Affiliate Page:
96639Life Can Be Magick - Winning With Witchcraft - Power-packed rituals to enhance your life by Miranda Oakridge Life Can Be Magick [ life magick miranda book ]
Would You Like To Own A Book Of Spells To Bring You All That You Desire? Whether It Be Health, Wealth, Power Or Love You Can Have It All And More. Learn How To Use Genuine Witchcraft To Change Your Life. All In Our Bestselling Book By Miranda Oakridge.
Magick spells for love, health, wealth and power!
98201Spells For Money...The MOST Effective Money Spells! Spells For Money - The Most Powerful & Effective Money Spells! [ money spells secrets debt ]
How To Quickly & Easily Cast Powerful & Effective Money Spells To Get The Money You Need Fast, Get Out Of Debt & Gain Complete Financial Independence Without Having To Study & Practice Any Occult System For Years, Nor Join Any Coven & Worship Any Entity!
135516Chakra Harmonization For Health & Balance

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